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How do I find a paper on your site?
Simply use the search box above by typing in a few keywords relevant to your topic and within a few seconds a list of papers will appear for you to choose from.  If your topic is to broad to perform a search, feel free to use the subject area button and look through our hundreds of research topics!  Once you find a paper you would like to purchase, simply click the order button and fill out our easy to use order form.  All papers can be sent via email or fax.  We also offer Federal Express as a third, but somewhat slower option.  All orders, regardless of delivery method, are processed THE SAME DAY YOU ORDER!!!

I've tried both kinds of searches but wasn't able to find anything on my topic, can you still help?
We sure can!!  If you haven't found what you are looking for, choose the 'customized help' option above and tell us exactly what you are researching and we will provide a research paper to assist you in writing your own paper!  Remember to give yourself enough time to complete your own research after receiving our help!!

Where did you get all these papers? 
We wrote every single one of them!!! That means that we have most likely compiled more research papers than all of the students at your university combined!!  If volume is an indicator of our experience, then it is very clear that we have the background and ability to help you with all your college research needs!!  There is absolutely no topic that is too difficult!!!

Is it $9.95/pg or $19.95/pg?
All of the on-file papers located on this site are only $9.95/pg and include a free bibliography.  Customized research - where you specify what you need assistance with is only $19.95/pg and also includes a free bibliography...

Can I preview a paper before I buy it?
Once you find a paper of interest, send us an email with the .wps file name of the paper and we will send you a free, one page excerpt of the paper by email within just a few hours!! 

What constitutes a 'page'?
All papers include at least 225 words per double spaced page.  This standard is based on the use of the standard Courier 12 font, including one inch margins.  Bibliography pages are always free and we do not charge for partial pages.  So if the paper you receive is 5 1/2 pages, but was advertised as 5 pages, you will only be charged for the initial 5 pages. 

Do you provide your papers in any other languages?
Yes we do!!  Any of the 50,000 papers listed on this site can be translated into French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.  This offer also applies to our customized research!  Our translations are machine processed so they may not be completely accurate.  Therefore, we will always send a copy of the paper that you order in English if you have trouble understanding any of the translated version.

Can I receive the paper by email and fax?
You certainly may!!!  All papers can be sent by email, fax, or Federal Express or any combination of the three!  If you have any trouble receiving our paper, we will gladly resend it at no extra cost. 

What are the rules re: citing your company?
You are responsible for writing your own original paper and for citing our paper as one source in your bibliography. Questions about formatting citations are better directed to your instructor but general queries can be sent to customerinfo@writing-papers.com as well...


TIP: We recommend searching our database to find existing papers on-file FIRST...
If you can't find a relevant topic, THEN use the "customized help" service!

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